Top 10 Essentials Every Girl Needs For ANight Out

Planning for a night out? Here is the list of what you should carry with you on your night out. Check out more details on kasiljean and make sure that you pack accordingly.


You can not imagine a girl’s night out without lipstick. Make sure to carry more than one shade with you. Also, ensure that you buy a good quality one so that it stays long.


This is a must-have in your girls night out. Keep a perfume bottle handy and use it whenever you feel like.


For a fresh breath every time, carry some mint with you.

Makeup set

You may want to do some touch up to your make up sometime during the night. Therefore, it pays to keep a makeup kit handy.

A change of clothes

If you are planning to stay at a friend’s place over the night then make sure that you carry a set of clothes to change in.


It could be a good idea to carry an additional pair of shoes with you when going for a night out.

A black dress

Any night out is not perfect without the short black dress. Make sure that you have one.

Safety pins

What if your dress is torn or you need to fix something in an emergency? A safety pin is must carry in such cases.


Do not forget to carry your wallet with you when you go on a night out.

Eye makeup

Your eyes speak a lot. Do make sure to pay close attention to the makeup that you do on your eyes. It also is good if you can carry some eye makeup with you to do some touchups at night.

Here you are ready for the perfect night out. Make sure that you get everything on this list.

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