5 Reasons Kids Need To Be Outdoor

It’s not a far-fetch saying that the average number of obese people in the United States, in fact in the world at large has increased significantly over the last ten years. Obesity is directly related to most health issues like high blood pressure and other diseases that may arise from excessive body fat.

To prevent kids from having to deal with something of this nature, it is important to encourage them to be more active by engaging in various outdoor activities. Benefits of outdoor activities for kids include the following:

  1. Improved Physical Awareness: The term couch potatoes have become extremely popular as of late. It is used in referring to people that spend most of the day on the couch, watching TV, the effect is not a very palatable one as regards to their health.

Engaging kids in outdoor activities, such as running, climbing, or camping, even something as little as having a big kid swing set up in the backyard for their use will go a long way in improving their physical awareness and contribute significantly to their overall health.

  1. Social Interaction: Engaging in various outdoor activities will improve kids social interaction skills. Kids that are used to being outdoor will not find it difficult to initiate conversations with strangers. This is a skill that can be highly beneficial in this current age.
  2. Mental Benefits: Physically active kids have been shown to be more mentally alert as compared to couch potatoes.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: Playing outdoor significantly improve children’s imagination as they get to come up with various ideas and stories to keep themselves entertained.
  4. Motor Skills Development: Physical activity would help develop motor skills in a child. As they maneuver their way around various pieces of equipment, thus contributing to the development of their motor skills.
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