10 Cool Toys Every Kid Should Have

Such are the times we live in that nothing but the coolest toys will do for your kids. So why deny them the pleasure. Check out 10 of the coolest toys that every kid must have. You can find all of them at https://www.starwalkkids.com/

  1. Crisscross Crash: Speedy racy and those who like thrills will rave about this track set from Hotwheels with four intersecting tracks and a car feeder which will give rise to intense competition among players.
  2. Beyblade Stealth Battlers: This is a complete set of Beyblades launchers, the bey stadium, tops and you won’t need anything more than enthusiastic kids to play it.
  3. Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious: A robotic interactive car compatible with iOS and the Android platform it can be paired with other supercars and expandable tracks. A delight for those who love speed.
  4. Sphero Mini: A ping-pong sized ball with many functionalities and educational facets the Sphero will please not just the kids but the adults also. It has many driving modes and it can help you learn to code
  5. Zuru Bunch O Balloons: A great summertime entertainer these water balloons are self-tying and you can fill several balloons all at once. This is a mess-free fun way to play with water balloons.
  6. Meet Wooboo: Young kids would love to have their own friend who is no more imaginary but as real as it can get. Wooboo is a robot that can answer questions, sing songs and even express emotions.
  7. Supersuit: Wearing a gaming platform that can turn your backyard into a superhero rescue mission site.
  8. Sphero Droid: An Astromed droid that can be controlled with a smart device, this toy can be an ideal companion when you are lonely.
  9. Plasma Car: This is an award winner which allows you to maneuver every nook cranny of the house sitting comfortably on it.
  10. LED Heliball: You can move your hands and legs to control this heliball from TX juice and to enjoy a spectacular light show.

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